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Storytelling, Creativity & Always “Thinking Different”

Sam Downie is an experienced podcaster, streamer, and vlogger.

Sam Downie is one of Britain’s leading Broadcasters, Presenter, Voice Over, Voice Actor, Podcaster and Content Creator. He is a BAFTA & British Council supported Autistic Filmmaker for his expert storytelling.

His own personal story is told in a best-selling book called “After That Day : Stories of Epilepsy”. Sam is also a Ambassador and ardent Campaigner for people with disabilities with Autism, Brain Injuries including Epilepsy and Seizures, Learning Disabilities as well as Covid-19 related long-term disability.

Media inquiries.

For all media, press and publicity enquiries, and if you’d like to book Sam for corporate events, please visit his Contact Us page for further information.

Filmmaker and Autistic Content Creator

Find out about Sam Downie’s BAFTA and British Council supported Short Films, see what Shooting Kit he uses, and what makes Sam tick as a unique Content Creator and “the One to Watch”.

Showreels and Interviews

Listen to and Watch a selection of Sam Downie’s Radio Interviews, Television Interviews, Actor Sizzles, Corporate and Campaign Films, Podcasts and Live Webinars.


Podcast’s… because everyone’s doing a Podcast these days, but Sam Downie has been doing them since 2000. Listen to his famous Bristol Sounds music documentary, catch up with his Tech:Casts and listen to his exclusive David Bowie podcast about the cult Jim Henson fantasy movie Labyrinth.

Buy the Book !

Sam’s own personal story about living with Brain Injury ( Brain Tumour ) which causes Seizures ( Epilepsy ) and Autism – is told in a new book titled “After That Day – Stories of Epilepsy” published by Sofie’s Journey and launched in November 2019, at the 2019 Epilepsy Awareness & Education Expo, a free 3-day event during the Epilepsy Awareness Expo & Day at Disneyland® Resort (EADDL).

This beautiful, rich colour, hardback book contains forty- five personal accounts of people who have been forever changed, by seizures. These stories offer a challenging look at survival, and in many cases, a cure. Each story features amazing, introspective photos which compliment and tell the story as well as the written words.

One out of every twenty-six people will have Seizures / Epilepsy in their lifetime. It can come when you least expect it ; It can be caused by many things, and no one is exempt from its grasp.