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Based in Bristol, South West England – Dsoundz Media is a small team made up of Sam Downie and other creatives who are obsessed with all things music and film. We exist to support the music-making / film-making community; from composing, producing all the way through to Dolby Atmos mix engineering.

We don’t just do music/audio, we do Immersive.

We also devise, direct and produce short films which have become BAFTA nominated and AMPAS supported. Our aim is to be open and transparent as we can be, with zero egotism.

We also advocate for Disability Rights in the Music, Film and Television industry’s.

Latest News and Music + Film Projects

I have been nominated twice for a BAFTA award for Live Action Short Film, as a Director, Actor and Sound designer.

Films include :

  • Uniquely Human (2019)
  • Meet The Metahumans (2023)

I have been a nominated and invited speaker at The Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts and Science. I have delivered speeches at The Governors Awards 2022, and have acted as advisor to the Academy on disability issues.

In March 2024, I have been awarded a Dolby Atmos Mix Engineer certification from Universal Music Group (UK).

Caroline Hilton, VP of Artist Engagement and R&D says :

“Sam, very happy to report you have successfully completed verification and QC in one hit. Being completely honest with you, most don’t !

As and when you are speaking with artists and/or any label contacts, you can let them know you have already gone through our verification process and ready to work”