I’m a Content Creator. Contact me sam@dsoundz.co.uk to discuss your requirements, and my rates.


Talks :

I offer talks on a variety of topics related to autism.  Choose from my list of prepared topics below. Alternatively contact me if there’s a different topic you would like me to talk about and I can write something specifically for your event.

  • Autism – strategies, systems and support  (60  Minutes)
  • Neurodiverse Filmmaking – what it takes to be a BAFTA considered Filmmaker with Autism (60 Minutes)
  • An Autistic Life – my experiences (30 Minutes)
  • Podcasting and Live Webcasting – how to do it right, what is the best equipment to use for live remote Zooom/Skype broadcasts (60 / 90 Minutes)

*All talks can be followed by a questions and answers session

Content Creator :

I work with brands who want to work with autistic or disabled content creators.

I believe that commercial content should be as engaging and relevant as the rest of my content. It should be as appealing to my audience, and create as big an impact.

Contact me to discuss creating unique content together to promote your brand.

My online influence :

I have an engaged social following, including 9000+ Twitter followers, 600 Instagram followers and 7000+ Facebook follows. I receive around 4000 page views to this website every month, and over the past 20 years I’ve had lots of subscribers on my Justin.TV / Twitch / YouTube channels.

The companies I have worked with include :

BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC World Service, BBC Radio Bristol, ITV West Country News, ITV News, Channel 4 News, Channel 4 Television, Disney, Epilepsy Awareness Day and Expo at Disneyland Resort, Epilepsy Society, Young Epilepsy, National Autistic Society, ITN Productions, ITV Studios, Ujima Radio, BCFM Radio, TWiT TV, Macworld Conference & Expo, Wikipedia, Twitter, Apple Computer, Bristol Old Vic Theatre, Bristol Zoo, WB Studio Tour London, SS Great Britain, and many others.


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