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Meet The Metahumans

Watch the latest Trailer for Meet The Metahumans. Released : June 2023


A short film about Grief. The loss of family and friends during the Pandemic. A short film, that’s also about two ego-driven artificial intelligence maniacs Cosmo and Max, who are driven and designed to take over humanity. They battle it out in a 1980’s Cyberpunk retro-video game world called ‘Game Over’, where the locations resembles a very real world. Can our Heroes, two Human game characters who are controlled by Cosmo and Max, escape this meta-reality and the clutches of the Metahumans ? There’s only one way out.

About The Film :

From an Original Story developed by two mid-career Independent Film Producers & Actors, Sam Downie and Michael Smith – we bring you a Satire, and a tribute to the family and friends we lost during the pandemic.

Meet The Metahumans – is a live action part-animated short low-budget Independent Film. Its a fantasy and a satirical look at the cross divide between Humanity, Video-Gaming and the craziness of Artificial Intelligence and Social Media egos.

The project was started before the pandemic, but wound up being shaped by it. When the pandemic hit and friends and family were affected by the virus and who sadly passed away at young ages, we changed our vision for the film and took some time out. Sam got affected by the virus too, and still is.

Once Sam was feeling well enough to continue, we did, and we changed our story.

We wanted to focus on the subject of the pandemic and grief but we didn’t want to do it in the same way that other filmmakers and TV documentaries were doing at that time. We wanted to tell our story differently, so we continued with our characters, the Metahumans, and made them the egomaniacs of our satire.

The human characters journey takes them from Bristol to London, eventually reaching the National Covid Memorial Wall that’s opposite Parliament in London, a fitting tribute to our loved ones.

In addition to the storyline’s novel approach to tackling the subject of grief, the film also boasts authentic original 1980’s music soundtrack inspired by the music and retro video games of the time, mixed in Dolby Atmos ( Binaural & 7.1.4 ) using Logic Pro, and the Dolby Atmos Renderer.

Listen To The Music

Listen To The Music Score from Meet The Metahumans

Our film has many twists and turns, it’s co-produced/directed by two critically acclaimed Autistic disabled Filmmakers from Bristol, England – Michael Smith and Sam Downie.

The film is a mix of live action shot in HDR on Sony Cameras, on location in Bristol and London, along with innovative creative CGI & VFX created in Unreal Engine 4.

Both Sam Downie and Michael Smith, via our short film – Meet The Metahumans – are disabled filmmakers supported by the Dolby Institute Fellowship.

The Dolby Institute Fellowship helps independent filmmakers realize their creative potential with access to Dolby’s innovative tools and technologies.

Trailer Review Comment :

Jerry Rees – Computer Graphics Choreography Unit, Tron (1982) / Walt Disney Films.

Sam, thanks for sending the new Trailer. I also took a look at the BTS video of you and Michael discussing the film project. It’s got a retro-cool style that brings back many fun memories, of working on Tron. I look forward to watching the film, and seeing more…

Meet The Metahumans Film Credits :
  • Co-Directed by : Sam Downie & Michael Smith
  • Film Funded by : British Film Institute, The Film+TV Charity
  • Supported by : Unreal Engine / Epic Games, Dean St Studios, Wounded Buffalo Sound Studios.
  • Immersive Sound Design and Music Supported by : DOLBY Laboratories + DOLBY Institute.
  • Film Release Year : 2024
  • Film Accessibility : Open Captioned (Subtitles)
  • Audio : Dolby Atmos , 7.1.4 Immersive

Watch the all-new Behind The Scenes of – Meet The Metahumans

Meet The Metahumans X United Nations

Watch Sam Downie and Michael Smith discuss.. “the story, so far..” of Meet The Metahumans. This interview was released on April 2nd 2022 for World Autism Awareness Day, a official United Nations observation day promoting human rights and the rights of disabled people.

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