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Sam Downie creates unique musical worlds, soundtracks, singles and remixes for A-list artists and bands, studios, film studios and broadcasters.

*Alongside producing and mixing Dolby Atmos mixes and teaching “How to Atmos” for the entire music making community.

Here’s a selection of my Music Demos and Remixes. I’ve been a composer, a keyboard/synth/piano player for the past 35 years. Learnt my chops using my dads analogue recording home studio in the late 1980’s.

I now compose, mix and produce on Logic Pro and Protools, using a range of sample-based instrument plugins from the likes of Arturia, Spitfire Audio and Native Instruments.

I write/compose Original music for singles, EP’s as well as doing Remixes, here’s a selection below giving you a flavour of Sam’s working styles.

Original music composed by Sam Downie, Mixed in Dolby Atmos.
Listen on Headphones, as all tracks are in Binaural and Immersive.

Verified DOLBY ATMOS Mix Engineer – Universal Music Group (uk)

Since March 2024, I am now a verified Dolby Atmos Mix Engineer by Universal Music Group (uk). I aim to bring my immersive mixing skills to work with labels, studios and artists. Get in touch to ask about what I do.

Sam Downie has worked alongside artists such as :

Black Eyed Peas , Peter Gabriel , Realworld Records , Jazz Jamaica , Fat Freddy’s Drop, Simply Red, Massive Attack and Edward Williams (Life on Earth, BBC TV)

Could Just Be The Bass Line – ARTFUL & ED SHEERAN

About the Remix :

This is my remix of the track “Could Just Be The Bassline”, originally by Artful (aka Mark Hill) (Workhouse Records) featuring vocalist Kal Lavelle. The lyrics were written by BRIT Award winner Ed Sheeran, listen carefully and you might just hear him in the chorus sections!

This is my arrangement of the track, I brought the vocals more forward. I programmed both acoustic drums using Toontrack EZDrummer, I also added electronic drums into the mix. I played a new Rhodes Piano patten, and some staccato strings. There’s some SFX audio added too.

Yes there’s a music video too, watch on YouTube below.

Like A Hobo (Remix) – CHARLIE WINSTON (Realworld Records)

I got involved with a remix opportunity offered by Real World Records (Peter Gabriel’s label) in 2009. Here’s my approached to the track as a mix, as if I was producing & mixing the track.

I kept to the style of the artist, but by making this version of the track ‘groove’ a bit more by adding programmed drums (thanks ToonTrack EZDrummer 2), a deep bass, strings, a piano – as well as re EQing and adding a bit of warmth and spark to the vocals and guitar parts. I hope you like this mix ?, I know that Realworld Records do, and the artist.

Pull The Catch (Remix) – FAT FREDDYS DROP (The Drop)

… a sunny, reggae-infused taster of things to come ‘Pull The Catch’ is idiosyncratic FFD, which draws on the band¹s unique lifestyle and laidback outlook on life.

For the latest Album releases from Fat Freddy’s Drop visit: www.fatfreddysdrop.com

About the Remix:

All I got was a vocal steam and the instrumental mix of this track, yup not much to go on, but I gave it a shot. I added an enhanced bass synth, a piano and re-programmed the drums.

Since releasing the track, I’ve received some great feedback from the band, as well as from listeners via Soundcloud.

About the band: Fat Freddy’s Drop are a New Zealand seven-piece band from Wellington, whose musical style has been characterised as any combination of dub, reggae, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, and techno.

Stevies Gun (Remix) – MARTINA TOPLEY-BIRD

Follow Martina Topley-Bird on Twitter here: twitter.com/MartinaTB

About the Remix:

I was given a vinyl copy of this single before it came out. On the flipside, it had a instrumental version as well as just vocals. I was given this, so that I could remix the track. So… here it is, as it was completed in late 2003.

This track, features a warm/lush string section written by Grammy Award winner / composer / music producer… David Arnold. The stings by David come in and out during the track, but by 3 minutes in the track ends with a massive build up.

On top of Martina’s vocals and David’s strings – I’ve added and programmed drums as the original track didn’t have any; I’ve played in a piano, added a new bass part; added guitar stabs and wha-whas; as well as re-EQing the strings (by David Arnold) and making them wider in the mix. I also added a new string part to the track also.

About the artist:

Martina Topley-Bird is an English vocalist and songwriter who first gained fame as the featured female vocalist on trip hop pioneer Tricky’s debut album, Maxinquaye.

This track ‘Stevie’s (Day of The Gun)’ comes from her debut album Quixotic. The album spans several musical styles including trip-hop, electronic and rock. It was co-written and produced by Topley-Bird and received positive reviews from music critics upon its release and was shortlisted for the 2003 Mercury Music Prize. Quixotic also includes a collaboration with musician Tricky, with whom Topley-Bird collaborated prior to her solo work.

I Gotta Feeling – BLACK EYED PEAS

About the Remix :

Listening Facts :

  1. It’s had over 11K plays on Soundcloud
  2. It’s been played on Hart Radio in the UK
  3. It was played as part of the music mix at the International Balloon Festival 2011 in Bristol as part of its balloon night glow.
  4. Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas really likes this version

Remixed in 2010, as part of a Beatport Remix competition. I stuck to the arrangement and structure of the track, but added Strings, a new Drum part, a new Bass line and I also extended the mix, and added a drop down section midway that gives it excitement.

Games Without Frontiers (Remix) – PETER GABRIEL (Realworld Records)

About the Remix :

Another remix opportunity offered by Real World Records (Peter Gabriel’s label) in 2008. What a great track to remix and re-produce.

The stems were clear from the originals. I added new drums, a synth, strings, a new bassline, and a rap vocal (not mine, it was for X-Games the snowboarding competition).

Kele Kele – JUSTIN ADAMS & JULDEH CAMARA (Realworld Records)

About the Remix : Yet another remix opportunity I was given by Realworld Records.

Once I downloaded the music stems from the Realworld Remixed site, I got to work on the mix.

First I listened to the original to get an idea on what to add or improve.

My first thoughts were to add a rocking drum track, as it didn’t have one, so I fired up EZ Drummer and programmed some beats. I loaded all the audio into Logic Pro Studio 9 and looked at how the mix sounded.

I re-EQed the vocals; re-amplified the guitars; brought the bowed Ritti instrument forward; re-balanced the vocals and added a bass line.

I worked on this track as if I were working with the artists in the studio at Realworld in Box, England.

About the artist:

London-born Justin Adams and Gambia’s Juldeh Camara mix bouisterous rock and African music. Think Bruce Springsteen filtered through West Africa.

“Tell No Lies” is the new sound of Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara. The sound of a nation with no borders, a place that needs no passport, no visa. This is where the deep roots of African music nourish the raw electric groove of rock and roll, where Gnawa spirit rhythms come up against Chicago distortion, where snaky N’awlins rhythm has a West London howl, and a Sahel Wail.

Juldeh Camara is an African Master Musician, taught to play by his blind father, who himself was taught directly by the djinn. Playing the ritti, a one-stringed fiddle and West African ancestor of the violin, he participated as a griot (a West African poet, praise singer and repository of oral tradition) in traditional Fula society.

Justin Adams has been at the cutting edge of world music alchemy since the 1990’s with Jah Wobble, Robert Plant (Adams co-wrote The Mighty Rearranger), Natacha Atlas, The Festival of the Desert, Tinariwen (producing their first and third albums), LO?JO.

More info about the artist, here: www.realworldrecords.com/release/533/tell-no-lies/

Exit Through You (featuring Joseph Arthur, Peter Gabriel, Karl Wallinger) – REALWORLD RECORDS

More info about this Album, visit : https://realworldrecords.com/releases/big-blue-ball/

About the Remix:

Another Realworld Records remix opportunity I was given.

The track’s original music stems were made available via the Realworld Remixed website in 2008, to celebrate the re-release of this album. I downloaded the stems package, and got to work on it using Logic Studio 8, a MacBook Pro 15″, Toontrack’s EZ Drummer and a few plugins.

I re-programmed the drums using EZ Drummer giving the track more of a groove; re-EQed the bass making it stand out more in the mix; the vocal parts come out clear; and I’ve also kept quite a bit of the original synth parts recorded in the 90’s.

About the Artist:

The track opens with the distinctive vocal of Joseph Arthur with Peter joining at the chorus for a funky spiky pop tune accompanied by Karl and Justin Adams on guitars. The song was originally put together in a fast and furious live session in just over one hour back in 1995; further production work by Stephen Hague followed and a final mix came from Tchad Blake, in the late 90’s.

Big Blue Ball is an album by multiple artists which grew from “recording weeks” at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Box, England in the early 1990s.

The album was in production for more than 15 years, “Big Blue Ball” is a project featuring several artists from all around the world working together.