Podcast’s… because everyone’s doing a Podcast these days, but Sam Downie has been doing them since 2000. Listen to his famous Bristol Sounds music documentary, catch up with his Tech:Casts and listen to his exclusive David Bowie podcast about the cult Jim Henson fantasy movie Labyrinth.

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JIM HENSON's LABYRINTH - The Podcast About The Film

Interview with : ACH SMITH – AUTHOR of LABYRINTH

Podcast Duration: 55 Minutes


In this exclusive audio interview, listen to Sam Downie interviewing novelist A.C.H Smith who wrote the novelisation to the movie. The interview documentary features the original songs from ‘Labyrinth’ performed by David Bowie, plus hear an extract from the ‘Labyrinth’ novel read by the author himself!

In August, 2011 the Jim Henson Company celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Labyrinth, the cult Jim Henson film. And Sam Downie was asked by The Henson Company to record an interview with the novelist behind the book of the film.


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Want to Read More about this Exclusive Podcast ?

Read the full story about the interview with movie novelist ACH Smith , and how Sam Downie got involved with the re-telling of the cult Jim Henson movie.


Bristol Sounds – presented by Sam Downie, is a popular Factual Entertainment Music Documentary Radio and Podcast series, that started in 2001 when Podcasting was in its infancy. The episodes in-detail, describe the musicians and music behind the now infamous Bristol music scene. that documents the people, the music, and “the sounds” of Bristol, England.

The “Bristol Sound” or “trip hop” as branded by the media, conjures sensory associations of smoked sounds, dark scents and heavy thumping beats. This unique sound evolved in Bristol, one of United Kingdom’s most racially diverse cities in South West England, in the 1980s and 90s when the genre developed.

Bristol Sounds , was first broadcast on both BCFM and Ujima Radio, then Radio Active in Wellington, New Zealand and then picked up briefly on BBC Radio. It also became popular on the iTunes chart in Podcast in 2005 for a short while.
Bristol Sounds continues today, via archives of episodes, radio shows and the odd DJ sets (listen to the podcast below).

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Sam Downie's TECH:CASTS

Tech:Casts is Sam Downie’s collection of unique radio / podcast interviews, about Technology and Gadgets – these aren’t your usual technology podcasts. This podcast series is told with authenticity, and features stories from Apple Computer and it’s users, to creatives and the people who built and designed the technology and apps we use today.

Sam Downie brings over 20+ years of being a Apple user and 20 years of radio presenting and production to this informative series. If you’ve heard him before you know what to expect… engaging interviews, commentary, guests. If you haven’t heard him, then welcome to Sam’s look at all things tech.

Reporting from the UK, the USA and around the world, this is Sam Downie’s TECH:CASTS – Give it a listen!

Selected Podcast Episode: Rene Auberjonois

Rene Auberjonois, was a popular actor in the USA who was well known for playing Odo a fictional character in the science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In late 2019 Rene died. Here I play tribute to a wonderful actor and friend, in this archived interview from 2008.

I interviewed Rene at his home in Burbank, Los Angeles – where we talked about acting, Star Trek DS9 and his own creative art work.